June 19, 2010

"Okay...so...I might have bought too much furniture"

Does anyone else get infuriated when the image of an interior designer is essentially ruined by HGTV? I just watched as a certain "designer" was first astounded by the large size of an artichoke light fixture and then later could not fit the 2 lounge chairs that were originally intended to be used. I know that mistakes do occur in the real world of design, but what happened to measuring, drawing plans, and specifying product correctly?

On the other hand...

There's TV personalities and designers like Candice Olson and Taniya Nayak that can help create a positive image for interior designers. While in Chicago last week for NeoCon, I was walking past the ASID (which by the way has an awesome new website) booth when I spotted a familiar face. Low and behold...it was Taniya Nayak in the flesh!

What makes Taniya so awesome? She graduated with a masters in interior design from the Boston Architectural college, she is the founder of her own commercial/residential firm, and she portrays what she does realistically when in front of the camera. She was very lovely in person and offered up advice on getting started in the field.


Justin said...

I agree with this! So many times our industry gets hit with misconceptions from the rise in interior design related shows. I am a Chicago interior designer (www.lugbilldesigns.com), and it gets me every time I see something like this.

Chicago Interior Designer said...


Juxtaposition Design said...

Justin - Good to see that others out there feel my pain. Someone needs to create a show that shows the REAL side of interior design.

Chicago - Fa sho!