June 08, 2010

Featured Design: Nha House by Delaine Isaac


New York-based architect Delaine Isaac is innovative, driven, and extremely passionate about what he does. He finds inspiration in music and is always working to raise the design bar by combining film and architecture. Delaine and I connected via twitter and I am now lucky enough to be sharing one of his awesome projects with you!

Nha House, which is Vietnamese for "House" House, is a beach house meant to stand out among the rest. The all glass facade provides a contemporary aesthetic and gives users the perfect opportunity to take in all the beautiful beach views. A prefabricated solid concrete structure creates a smooth, enveloping exterior while also lowering construction costs and cutting down on build time. Delaine Isaac also incorporated a slightly lower than normal ceiling height to provide extra strength in case of California's unpredictable natural occurrences.

Project Name: Nha House
Designer: Delaine Isaac
Project Type: Beach house
Conceptual Location: Laguna Beach, California
Structure: Prefabricated concrete
Size: 150 square meters
Software: Cinema 4D

Floor Plans:
The three floors are connected by a spiral staircase.
The 2nd and 3rd floors have access to exterior balcony spaces


Architectural Details:

Please leave critiques, questions, etc. by commenting below and visit Delaine Isaac's website to contact him or find out more about his current projects.


avant garde said...

hey you, so sorry for not stopping by your fab blog in a while, been crazy with school myself :) so happy for you for graduating, you must be so relieved and happy all at once! i also love your new header to your blog, really great!
how fabulous is this delaine issac design? seriously, as i look at it, stacked like that, the design has so much movement. it zigs and zags, super interesting. i'm going to check out his site for sure and read more about him. thanks for the find :) i'll be back more often, promise!!

Juxtaposition Design said...

Oh completely understandable! Sorry that I lost touch for awhile, too!. It sure does feel good to be graduated...now I am just on the job search!

I'll look forward to your comments :)

Anonymous said...

This design is phenomenal! Can't help but appreciate the passion in his design! Thanks for sharing

Juxtaposition Design said...

Absolutely! I love sharing the work of passionate students/young professionals.