June 21, 2010

Head in the Clouds

While in Chicago this past week for NeoCon (the National Exposition of Contract Furnishings), my friends and I went on an awesome architectural boat tour (courtesy of Wendella). While we were out on the water, I noticed the clouds were doing some particularly cool things. We had blue skies with big puffy clouds on one side, and darker gray clusters of clouds on the other. These clouds, mixed with the reflectivity of those well-known skyscraper windows allowed me to capture some really amazing moments with my camera. All photos are unedited.


evad said...

Wow. Great photos.

Stunning said...

Awesome photos Lisa! Hope NEOcon was a blast!

How's the job hunt going?

Anna Caroline said...

Oh your trip sounds like tons of fun :) How was NeoCon?

I have always wanted to go to Chicago. I am hoping to visit next year.

Eric Sarb said...


Juxtaposition Design said...

Evad - Thanks so much!

Stunning - Glad you like the photos :) NeoCon was very very awesome & the job hunt is definitely underway, I'm getting ready to send out massive amounts of resumes haha

Anna Caroline - The trip was very fun and NeoCon was amazing, I saw SO many cool things. You should definitely try to check it out next year!

Eric - I love you!

Anna Caroline said...

Oh Yeah I can imagine :D I will indeed try to make it to NEoCon next year. Hopefully I am back in the states by then :D