June 06, 2010

Next Big Thing: Cutouts

The cutout trend has swept its way through the fashion world and is now finally starting to hit it big in the world of interiors. As I started to notice more and more cutout pieces, I immediately thought of Alexander Wang's work (2009-2010 lines).

In my opinion, cutouts translate well to interiors. This style creates a fresh avant-garde aesthetic that is also quite flexible. Pieces like these give designers the opportunity to play with unique lighting options, as they can be illuminated in various colors, lighted to cast cool shadows, etc.

Designer Marcel Wanders has been a cutout creating front-runner. They're popping up in his various furnishing lines as well as his interiors/architecture.

Residence in Amsterdam (Marcel Wanders)
Residence in Jakarta (Marcel Wanders)Crochet Lamp (Marcel Wanders)Crochet Table (Marcel Wanders)Crochet Chair (Marcel Wanders)Random Light (Marcel Wanders via Moooi)

More cutout pieces:Cubical (Coco Design)

Roses (Vibieffe)

Forest Arm Chair (Janus et Cie)

Creep Table (Susan Bradley)

Veritas offers some of their resin panels that I don't believe are actually "cut out", but they can provide that same cutout effect. You can checkout Verita's products at NeoCon, booth 7-6052.
Floral (Veritas)Lancet (Veritas)Kaleidoscope (Veritas)

Arktura is a manufacturer that is taking this trend and running with it. I am absolutely loving their pieces and I cannot wait to see them at NeoCon (booth 7-4114)!
Coral Coffee Table (Arktura)Hive Coffee Table (Arktura)Ricami Stool (Arktura)Nebula Console (Arktura)

The Polish Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai takes this trend to the next level. Everybody Polska!
Architects/Designers at Morphogenesis in Delhi, India incorporated a cutout screen into their Delhi Art Gallery project,
What do you think of this trend? Do you have a favorite cutout piece or interior?


danyelle said...

i was at the bus stop yesterday and a women asked me where the metra was. i pointed right across the street. when she turned to leave, i noticed that she had cut out holes in the back of her shirt. lots of uneven sloppy looking holes. lol. i do love the idea of cutouts done right (like you've shown), especially the Creep table :)

Juxtaposition Design said...

Yes I love how the other little parts on the Creep table are creeping on the floor.

And I must say, that I think I am definitely guilty of wearing Ts with DIY cut holes down the back. Whoopsies! hahaha

Kat said...

i really like that post, it's pretty inspiring!

(oh, and you're right, you can't go wrond with mk ;)

Juxtaposition Design said...

Kat - Glad I can do a little inspiring :) Makes me very happy!