June 03, 2010

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For a couple of weeks now, I have been looking at examples online, organizing all 4 years worth of my work, and photoshopping up a storm. Today I bought this modern-looking portfolio cover and a pack of polypropylene sheet protectors to showcase my work! Find it (any many awesome others) at paperhaus.com.

Ice Nine Screwpost Portfolio Cover by Case Envy

Helpful Tips I found:
  • Don't forget to purchase portfolio refills/pages if you are only purchase the cover
  • Portfolio KITS come with printable pages and a protective cover and/or expander kit
  • Polypropylene sheet protectors "have become the industry standard" and are top loading
  • Polyester sheet protectors have high transparency and strength and are top and bottom loading
I also found this book to be very inspiring and insightful. Flaunt by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit has detailed information on exactly how each feature portfolio was made and what materials/manufacturers were used, as well as interviews with each portfolio creator and professionals who hire designers. You can purchase the book in PDF ($15.00) or standard book format ($24.99).

If anyone has additional tips/tricks or a PDF example you would like to share, please post here or email me at juxtapositiondesign@gmail.com. I would LOVE to hear from you!

  • Brittany H. of Chicago sent over a wonderful portfolio presentation, Thank you!
  • Brand new informative post on IIDA's Student Blog: I ♥ I.D. by guest blogger Kristyn Ivey
  • Daniel McClintick of Portland shared his editorial-style project booklets - Holla to another past ASID prez!


Daniel McClintick said...

I made individual magazine style booklets for each of my projects, then found a wooden box to arrange them in. I found it to be a more personal approach to handing someone my portfolio. Plus, there is the excitement of opening the mystery box! While I don't have an image up on my site, I have the pdf versions of the booklets here.


Juxtaposition Design said...

Thanks so much for sharing Daniel! I love how you thought out all the details about how you want your work to be shown and how you want others to experience it.

EMILY said...

thats a nice portfolio, and great tips!


Juxtaposition Design said...

Thank you, Em. Hope it looks that great in person...I am supposed to receive it in 3 days!