December 01, 2008

You Could Be My Black Kate Moss Tonight

Let me just apologize for school taking over my life.  But, a week from today and I will be on winter break, which means doing absolutely nothing productive except for blogging, updating my online portfolio, and applying for summer internships.

Here's an interior for the day:


Yeah, that's a Kate Moss tapestry hanging in the living room of the Slayton House by world renowned architect I.M. Pei.  I think it's bold and an awesome way to bring some high fashion (literally) right into a space.

What do you think?  Who would you want on a tapestry hanging on your wall?  Is that creepy?

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Kristen Holt, Allied Member ASID said...

I think Kate Moss is beautiful, but I would be creeped out starring at a huge tapestry of her in my home!
BTW, Happy belated Turkey day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Not creepy if it is John Stamos. I'd order two tapestries of him and hang one downstairs and one in my bedroom. He He He (No, really -- where do I order them?)

meowmeow. said...

I want one!!!! i would much rather see kate on my wall than john stamos tho, hahah

meowmeow. said...

wait maybe if it was when he had a mullet as uncle jessy!

avant garde said...

love the tapestry idea too, but maybe if it was someone i knew instead, kate moss entering your home and sort of taking over would get old for me anyway, but someone you know or love would be in your life forever anyway. just my thoughts. love the space though, fresh and clean lines!

dapper kid said...

I think it looks lovely! I would probably have a tapestry of a family member though, or something personal. I do love I.M. Pei

erin@designcrisis said...

What's wrong with creepy?

Speaking of, have you seen the giant sold gold Kate Moss statue? Now THAT is creepy!

Juxtaposition Design said...

Kristen - Thanks for the Happy Turkey day!

Anonymous (A.K.A. MOM!) - youuu woulddddd

Meow - I think I'd have to go with Kate as well..but my mom and I DO love John Stamos, especially Full House John Stamos haha

Avant Garde/Dapper Kid - Definitely with you on the personal thing. Although, I was thinking that a John Lennon tapestry could be pretty awesome.

Erin - I have seen the gold Kate Moss, DEFS CREEPS!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. You chose a picture of a coked up model, who made all of her money from what DNA gave her at birth, who denied ever using drugs, and even comdemned the drugs that she herself was using, to be the center of your living room.

So, it's like "a shrine to hypocrisy", right? Is that an unfair label? Really?