September 18, 2008



Well, I'm pretty sure this news has already spread throughout the Lansing area but for those of you who don't know, Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to Lansing. That's right, Ty Pennington and his whole crew are heading up a project practically right up the street from where I live.

Everyone's getting pretty pumped about it, especially my fellow-students and other people in the trade want to really get in on the action.  I personally signed up to volunteer individually, but Hart-Davidson Designs (where I intern) has signed up as a group, as well as the School of Planning, Design, and Construction here at Michigan State University. 

The company teaming up with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Mayberry Homes, has requested the MSU School of Planning, Design, and Construction to put teams together.  This includes teams created from all disciplines - Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Construction Management, and Urban & Regional Planning.  The interior design team will be 2 teams of 10 ID students that are being selected by the heads of the department.  Still waiting to hear more info on this like how the students are being selected and who is actually being selected (will report back on this :D ).

Either way, I hope to be involved in SOME way, whether I'm just a person in the masses waving my arms behind Ty Pennington and yelling "MOVE THAT BUS!" (see picture below) or if I actually get to have my hands in on the work/design.


Tomorrow I will be attending the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition kickoff pep rally (hopefully with the bf in tow):
September 19, 2008
8am - 10am
St. John's Student Parish
327 M.A.C. Avenue, East Lansing

I will update with all the EXTREME info after tomorrow's pep rally

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Billy Roberts said...

Hey, I hope I got to meet you at the Pep Rally, but if not, please send me your info as we would love for you to be in the house hands on at move in!

Great Blog!

Billy - Design Producer Extreme Makeover

Lisa Renee said...

Oh man! Major Excitement!

Anonymous said...

Lisa --- YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Hope Extreme Makeover uses your talent in the house!