September 13, 2008


Well, as some of you may know, I intern as assistant project manager at Hart-Davidson Designs.  HDD is a company that is truly growing at a rapid pace, which is good since the plan is to "take over the world" one day (according to the owner, Leslie).  Our most recent development in helping us move towards taking-over-the-world-status has been moving from our 800 sq. ft. studio on Leslie's property (deemed the Oldio), to a 2,000 sq. ft. retail space (deemed the Newdio).  The move was stressful and tiring, but extremely well worth it!

Here's some before photos where you can see the ridiculously huge and open floorplan we have to work with, as well as the icky icky paint colors that I guess somebody thought was a good idea...hmm....

Here's us in the process of painting all of those huge walls what we like to call "HDD Blue".  The goal was to make this new studio resemble the old studio as much as possible.  The old studio is a style Leslie likes to call "industrial barn".  This consists of barn-like architecture, jean fabrics, galvanized steel roofing, some silver peg-board, etc.

And here's what the studio is today!  It is still a work in progress, but it's coming very very close to finishing.  These photos are actually from the way we had the studio set up for an open house to recruit interns, so the furniture arrangement is a little shifted to make room for all those chairs you can see in the lower left corner of the first photo.  The second photo is of our logo painted on the wall, I painted the letters while Leslie and one of the interns painted the dragonfly.  And, the bottom picture shows a view into our little kitchen area (minus the refrigerator)

And, in celebration of all this new-ness, I also made a NEW layout and NEW header for my blog!  Yay!!!


karly / design crisis said...

Cute! I love the Oldio vs Newdio!!!! Funny Funny

Anonymous said...

hey there!
concerning men`s skirt u have to keep in mind that marc jacobs is gay and could have alos done cross-dressing wering tasteless dress n too much make-up but what he did is really tasteful n feels natural on him.. doesnt mean it has to look good on anybody else LOOL...

and the name of my blog was the first thing that corssed my mind about me and dressing:) I?m glad u like it!!


Lisa Renee said...

Karly - Credit goes completely to Leslie for "newdio" and "oldio". She comes up with some pretty funny words!