May 11, 2008


I've been so busy lately so I was unable to post this on the actual day of this monumental event!
But, on Friday, the 40 students accepted into the upper division interior design class of  2010 received their e-mails!  Me and 3 of my bestest friends in the whole wide world are now officially professional level interior design majors!
Congrats to EVERYONE that has gotten accepted!  

To Andrea, Chrissy, and Jess:  We made it!  We were dwindled from 120 to 40 (and even though most of that dwindling was done somewhat voluntarily, this is still a HUGE accomplishment).  I'm proud of all of you for sticking it out through the thoughts of wanting to change your major.  I think back and it's amazing the progress we've made in these short 2 years.  We moved from "P.J." to using our "6B's" to cutting magazines to shreds and making a book out of them to finally completing actual renderings and presentation boards.  We've learned the importance of a good mat board, clean copies, and an all-nighter (or 2..or 3...or 4........).  Most importantly, you guys have truly become my best friends in these 2 years.  And, even though you guys had your project parties in Case while I stayed attached to the convenience of having a drafting table in my dorm room, I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without you.  Anyways, we made it through the tears, fear, sweat, headaches, and worry and I LOVE YOU!   


jess said...

Okay so I love you. Yay us! Next year I think it should be mandatory that you experience one of our project parties...who knows maybe you'll enjoy being away from the dorm for a while :)


Anonymous said...

I'll probably have to give it a try :) lol
I love you Jessssss

Andrea said...

okay wtf blogspot. I just typed like a novel of a comment and it didn't even post it. fklsdjlf.

I love you and miss you and I'm so glad we all made it!

(yes I know this post is over a month late) :)