April 08, 2008

London Calling

For some reason I've always been really attracted to the city of London and this summer, I'm finally getting my chance to go!  My friend Jess and I are heading to London after our Interior Design and Architecture study abroad trip and I can't wait to go to places like Abbey Road and Topshop.  It's getting unbelievably closer and closer to our trip date.  It's exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.  I have so much stuff still to do in preparation for the trip!

Here's where I'll be traveling this summer:
Rome, Italy
Naples, Italy
Florence, Italy (hopefully a little side-trip here to Bologna to see WHY?)
Venice, Italy
Vicenza, Italy
Milan, Italy
London, England



John&Johnny Fite said...

Wow! The trip of a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

haha! Yeah it should be prettttty crazy!