April 10, 2008

Rendering Markers

My final interior design project has to be rendered with markers, and even though I have done a lot of marker rendering in the past, I really want to explore more markers and see what I like.  I wish it was possible to test all the markers I've ever wanted but that's just not possible at this point because all of these makers can get quite pricey.

For me, Prismacolor makers are the old standby.  I've used them ever since the beginning of high school and own a set of 48 (plus some additional colors that I randomly bought).  I don't find anything specifically wrong with these, just for some reason I think there's something "better" out there. ($3.79 each)

This is an AD marker by Chartpak.  This girl in interior design, who I really look up to when it comes to rendering skills, told me that she recently tried these out and found them to be really nice. (around $4.10 each)

This is a Copic marker.  Someone had them in studio the other day and everyone, including my teacher, was going crazy over them.  They did look really nice but for the darker colors, they seamed to streak a lot when the marker overlapped and that's something that really bothers me. ($5.99 each, but they are refillable)

These are Pantone markers.  I haven't really heard to much about them but they're supposed to be nice.  I know they've been around for a long time and have the whole Pantone color matching thing going for them! (around $4.00 each)

I would love to know about anyone's opinions or experiences with these markers!  Thanks!


Chrissy said...

I love prisma colors ... they are unreal. and since I'm currently working on the same project as you, I am getting to know them quite well. I have yet to find something wrong with them, but if I do I'll let you know, haha. Love ya Lis <3

Anonymous said...

I really think I'm gonna try out AD or Copic....that is as soon as I figure out this color scheme..