April 02, 2008

Intelligent Design

ANOTHER article about interior design has been published in the State News today! This time, the article showcased the hard work we really put into this major and tried to emphasize that we do way way way more than just "decorate".  The pictures they used were a little hypocritical since we were trying to argue that we don't just pick out pretty colors but..."there's no such thing as bad publicity" according to a lot of people.

I wonder if the publishing of this article had anything to do with all the comments left on the previously mentioned article about interior design legislation...it kind of seems like it!

The article can be viewed
here. It really attempted to say some awesome things about us and I hope it can help break the misconceptions that many people seem to have about interior designers just "matching carpet to the curtains" and "picking colors".

Photo Credit: State News

Computer Update: It is fixed and should be in my hands by tonight!

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