April 03, 2008

Now even the Wall Street Journal is at it...

It seems like the whole decorator vs. designer and legislation issue is really heating up!  Yet another article (entitled "Watch Out for That Pillow")  was published (on April 1st) completely making a mockery out of our push for legislation.  I was under the impression that the Wall Street Journal was supposed to be a reputable source, but what a wrong impression that was...
Click here to view the article.

It's great to see so many professional interior designers leaving comments and saying their piece though.  You can view the comments page here.

"Imagine you were a state legislator and some folks asked you to pass a law making it a crime to give advice about paint colors and throw pillows without a license."....Oh PUH-LEASE Clark Neily of the Wall Street Journal.  Puh-lease.

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