March 23, 2008

Most Recent Interior Design Project

I would have started with the first Interior Design project from this semester but it is up in the display case and I cannot really get good pictures of it just yet! Luckily, for this project, I thought ahead and took pictures before turning it in.
This project had to be a commercial space, rendered with watercolor in a monochromatic color scheme, and the floor plan had to be based on a letter. We had to include problem statements, a criteria matrix, a bubble diagram showing adjacencies, a site plan with climatic information, a materials sample collage, a rendered floor plan, 2 sections, and an exterior elevation, and lastly, 2 furniture samples with specifications.
My space is an open call division branch off of a main Ford Models office located in urban Los Angeles, California. Since open calls are usually conducted 1 day a week at the main office and can cause some really crazy lines of people wrapping around the outside of the building, this space should help alleviate this problem by being open 5 days a week and constantly conducting open calls.
The floor plan is based of the shape of a lowercase "a". I chose the "a" to stand for "agency" and really show the importance of the modeling agency as a team with an established image. The space features;
  • A small office area with a private client entrance
  • A reception area with a white acrylic desk
  • A waiting area with 8 Mies Van Der Rhoe inspired chairs by Knoll upholstered in a bright yellow fabric
  • A photo area where quick digital photos can be taken
  • A small interview area where prospective model's books can be reviewed and discussed
  • A changing room with 2 spaces divided by privacy glass so that silhouettes can be seen while changing (I mean, this is LA). These changing rooms are to be used for when prospective models need to change into swim suits during the open call process
  • A large open area so that a number of models can be interviewed simultaneously and their runway walks can be seen
  • A barrier free restroom with a 5'-0" turn-around

The exterior features a huge curtain wall and a flush roof. The building has 20'-0" ceiling heights to leave those entering in awe and maybe even intimidate a little since Ford Models is one of the top modeling agencies in the world with a superior image. Most of the interior space is very white so that the focus can be completely on the models. To add a little color and create movement around the space I used materials like frosted glass, white and clear acrylic, and chrome to reflect the yellow from items, such as the changing room curtain and waiting room chairs.

In this space I picture gorgeous models walking around along with some really important and professional looking people with something like "Etched Headplate by Burial" (check him out here. At least I think its a him..this artists likes to stay quite anonymous) blaring in the background while the hustle and bustle of the city continues outside.

I ended up really enjoying this project! Even the watercolor rendering, which I was totally threatened by at first. This was, for the most part, my first experience with watercolor and I found that watercolor pretty much paints itself! You just have to take your time and let it do what it's gonna do.

I have also found a new love for the the color yellow and I expect it to be making some appearances in my wardrobe;
Pictured Above: American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoody in Sunshine ($40)
Oh how badly I want it!


Jessica said...

lisa! this is andrea! my sister has that yellow jacket. i love it too! also i must admit that i joked about the fact that you had actually made this blog but now that i have read it i think it is really sweet. like.. really sweet. i want to be as passionate about it as you are.

Anonymous said...

I'm officially jealous of your sister. And I SO knew you were gonna joke!
But I'm glad you think it's sweet now :) haha