March 23, 2008

Fashion Transcends Design

Fashion intrigues me as much as Interior Design does.  And luckily, I think the 2 fields cross each other extremely well.  I can find inspiration for design in a single outfit.  So many designers play with shape and changing silhouettes just as architects and designers do.
The shots below are from a fashion line preview video for The Row.  Its from awhile back but the images never left my mind.

The full video can be viewed here.
Yes, yes, it is a Mary-Kate and Ashley thing.  So typical of me right?
But, the clothes, the music, and the design of the space it's shot in leaves me in awe!
Not only does this video really make me want to lounge around carelessly in nothing but a t-shirt and buy a white fitted blazer, it also really makes me want to design a minimalist space with pops of fur and zebra print.

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