March 25, 2008

The Issue: Interior Design Mags

I've been a subscriber to Architectural Digest ($24/yr.) and Interior Design ($48.95/yr. or $19.95/yr. with student discount) magazine for more than 3 years now. I highly recommend both of these magazines, especially for those just getting into the field of interior design (as they both provide a great overview of all facets of the field) and for interior design students (as they provide tons and tons of pictures that can be used simply as inspiration or for cut-outs and information for projects).
Architectural Digest seems to be more residential in nature while Interior Design leans towards the commercial side, but they both really do cover everything. Interior Design is a little more cutting-edge while in Architectural Digest you will be able to find a mixture of modern, traditional, and transitional design.

As I progress through design school and become more aware of what interior design sub-categories I am most interested in, I've gotten to thinking about subscribing to an interior design magazine that is more geared toward my specific interests (with my college-sized budget in mind, of course). So, here's a list of interior design magazine candidates that I think could be beneficial;
  • Frame - This contemporary design magazine is really cutting-edge and focuses on bringing their readers amazing photos of newly created interiors worldwide, in-depth articles on recently created (non-residential) interiors and their designers, and the latest in product design. The downside is that this is a European magazine so it could get a little pricey. My guess would be about $55/year.
  • Hospitality Design -This is the premier trade magazine for the field of hospitality design. It covers the design of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, country clubs, night clubs, conference centers, spas, senior living facilities, etc. This mag is $83/year but FREE to those in the field! I tried to call and find out if this meant students, too but I wasn't able to get a hold of them. I'll report back when I find out...
  • Domino - This mag is a bit more of a "do-it-yourself" decorating ideas magazine. It's an extremely style-conscious magazine that believes mixing styles is O.K. and that you can never go wrong with a good chandelier (which I totally agree with, by the way). And the best part - only $10/year!
  • New York Spaces - This magazine is more focused on residential design but it seems to be pretty creative and inspiring. And, the subscription is FREE if you subscribe as someone involved with home-design!
  • Visual Merchandising and Store Design - This magazine shows the latest in store design as well as presents merchandising strategies and new products. $42/year.
  • Display and Design Ideas - DDI's purpose is to help retailers maximize sales through effective store design and visual presentation. Even though I'm not technically going into retailing I still think this magazine would be very beneficial if I go into retail design. Knowing something about how to maximize sales through design would definitely be seen as a big plus by clients. Another FREE subscription to those "involved with retail design".
These last 2 were mentioned by one of my design professors and are concerned with eco-friendly design;
  • Eco-Structure - A more architecturally-based magazine, but, free subscription for those "in the industry"!
  • Green Source - This is a collaborative magazine that explores and teaches about the planning and deign of sustainable buildings. $19.95/year.
All of these magazines seem like really great ones to check out! And, for the interior design students, definitely take advantage of the free subscriptions when you can. Even though we technically aren't "involved in the industry" yet, we will be in the near future and I'm sure these companies only want to help benefit the future!

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