October 09, 2008



The amazing
AVANT-GARDE tagged me and I now must share 6 quirky little details about myself!  I also would like to take a second and really thank Avant-Garde for  being so awesome.  She has consistently commented on my posts, pointed me in the direction of some awesome bloggers, and has just been an all around friendly blogger buddy! 
Avant-Garde: Simply put, YOU ROCK!
Make sure you check out her blog, she really finds some of the most unique and "against the grain" products, especially lighting.

So, here's 6 details about myself:
1.  I do not have a favorite color.  It's just way too hard for me to choose just one.  So, how do I deal with this?  Color options, especially in interiors, seem endless to me, so it's easy for me to end up with possibilities just racing through my mind.  
2. I'm pretty tall, about 5'10", but I  love wearing the tallest heels & wedges I can find.
3. I love chocolate, especially peanut butter and peanut M&Ms.  But when I eat them, I don't just pop them in my mouth, I have to bite each individual M&M in half so that the peanut or peanut butter filling is in one half and the other half is just the empty shell.  I have no idea why...
4.  I'm currently working on 6 school projects.  Yikes.
5.  As a future professional interior designer, my hopes are to own my own business and design retail spaces, boutiques, high-end residential spaces, new york loft spaces, unique restaurants, salons/spas, and maybe some studio type spaces.
6. For the most part, my non-interior design classes at school have been focused on Asian studies.  I've taken an Asian-American focused writing class, an Asia and the World history class, and I am currently in an Asian History of Art Class.  I'm very interested in Japan and India, and enjoy learning about Buddhist & Hindu concepts and art.

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design for mankind. said...

Oh how fun! I just recently did this, so here's the link!:

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hello! I love tags~ you always find so much about the person. I split my m&m's in half and eat the middle of the Reese's first too. :)

I try to write my posts a few weeks in advance given that I am currently swamped with school, work, kids....blah!
But I went out of state to attend a friends wedding and am also gearing up for a big show next week. That is why I have had the same post up for a week! :(
But, get ready as I am currently on post 98 and am planning a big giveaway at post 100. Woo hoo!

karly / design crisis said...

Yay! I love tag! Erin just wrote a big post for tomorrow, I'm going to rock my tag this weekend!

avant garde said...

hey, thanks so much for the kind words, and it was great reading a little bit more about you. i think it's fun to see what people list about themselves. my first pick if i'm in a CVS or any other place and need a chocolate fix is peanut m&m's. they hit the spot. i pop them in my mouth though. the plain ones i like to bite in half and see if i can lick all of the chocolate out of that fragile half of a shell, don't ask me why either!