July 20, 2008

Next Big Thing: Fringe

More specifically, suede leather fringe.  It's everywhere in fashion right now and interior design usually ends up following suit.  Even I had give in to this trend with the purchase of some TopShop sandals and Minnetonka boots.

So, where exactly will leather fringe pop up in the design world?  I'm thinking toss pillows.  My initial though was a square pillow with just rows of overlapping fringe.  I tried to find a picture of this online but it apparently doesn't exist yet.  I did find a few good options though:


I'm not sure when or where this trend will pop up, but I think it will come eventually.  As for now, I'll just have to wait and keep searching or fabricate one myself.  I saw the perfect trim to make what I had in mind at Joann Fabrics just the other day.

Photo Credits: topshop.com, google image


Interior design tips said...

I think I would have to agree with the toss pillow idea. Fringe really only works on pillows and curtains in my opinion.

fashionista said...

I love the Topshop boots!

Anonymous said...

I love everything with fringes and these boots rock!!!

Lisa Renee said...

The fringe trend is pretty addicting, still waiting to see some leather throw pillows show up!

There would probably be some unique opportunities for leather fringe on window treatments too