April 25, 2008

End of the semester & Avey & Kría

Sorry for the extremely minimal amount of updates lately.  Finals week and summer is just around the corner so I've been working intensely on my final design project, preparing for tests, writing a paper, applying for jobs/internships/scholarships, and preparing (mostly mentally) for my study abroad trip to Italy.  Phew!

I'm still chipping away at my final design project.  I've been feeling really weird about it since presentations were last Monday/Wednesday so I felt like some weight should have been lifted off my shoulders, but then every time I walk into to my room I see it sitting there still needing to be finished and detailed!  It is actually due this coming Tuesday though so I just gotta keep on pushing!  Here's some exciting news about my project though;  
My clients for the project are Dave Portner (A.K.A. Avey Tare), the lead vocalist of Animal Collective, and his wife Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir (A.K.A. Kría Brekkan), former member of the Icelandic band múm
I was trying really hard to contact them to find out more about their taste and make the experience more realistic, and, Kría e-mailed me back last week!  I almost died when I saw "Kria Brekkan" in my inbox.  Here's my questions and her answers:

Could the size of your family possibly change over the next 5 years?
Yeh possibly!
What do you like to do in your free time?
we both like making visual art. listen to music, make music, we both read alot, and sometimes watch movies.
What are your current ages?
26 and 29
How tall are both of you?
both 171 cm
The space is to be located in New York.  Any specific city or area you like?
we [like] fort green[e] and red hook
Do each of you have a need for individual privacy?
actually alot.
Do you have any pets?
no but would happily wana have pets.  our appartment is too small now.
Do either of you make art, other than music?
yeh we do! and kindof make mess
What colors inspire you?
the whole spectrum
What design style do you like most?
i like everything very old and wooden.  but not in any country-kindof way.  I like white space too, and light and brightness.  and oddly shaped spaces,,or kind of,,like on different platforms.

I loved reading her answers.  They were so perfect, from the broken-english, to the occasional misspelling, to their heights given in centimeters.  These two are such creative and awesome people.  It really made my project so much more exciting.  Just reading them again as I post this made me feel a lot more motivated to start working on my project right now..so I better go and do that before I lose momentum again!

On a final note, I want to keep featuring other design students work like I did in my previous post.  So, if anyone has a project they would like to share, please e-mail pictures/scans and a short (or in-depth) explanation of the project to kickbackcustoms@gmail.com.  Make the subject something like "ATTN: Student Project for Blog" and I would be happy to feature your work!


Brian said...

Good Luck, hope it goes well

chrissy said...

feature me lisa ... i have pictureesss for youuuu!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, brian! I think it turned out pretty well! I'll be posting pictures very soon!

Chrissy-just gimmie those pictures girlfriend! haha

Chrissy said...

Hey thanks for linking meee :)