September 28, 2008

Extreme Update: Door Knock&Demolition

Sorry for the lack of update of Friday, a.k.a. the day of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition door knock.  But today is an exciting day as well for this event, it's the day of demolition, in fact it's probably being demolished right about now.

I'm prohibited from revealing much about the project so I will only be passing along information that has already been published in news articles and information that does not reveal any specific details about the project.

At work on Friday, we received an exciting shipment from Extreme Makeover since we have volunteered to make some things for the interiors.

It has been published that the house that is being demolished is a deteriorating 1860's farmhouse belonging to a mother and three sons.  The husband/father was a respected nurse and environmentalist who passed away after a 7 year battle with hepatitis C.  The family is now vacationing at Disney World while the design team and volunteers are taking over!

I had to drive past the street friday just to get my fill of excitement for the day.
Here's a couple photos I snapped:

A store with their sign reading "CONGRATULATIONS NICKLESS FAMILY"
The street is completely blocked off for miles around

And, Ty Pennington has apparently been spotted at Dublins, a local bar/restaurant, and my boyfriend is almost entirely sure that he was at the same thrift store as Ty yesterday.


avant garde said...

hi lisa! hey thanks for stopping by my blog, it allowed me to find yours...what a wonderful world this blogosphere is! great header for your blog, i'm sure you will leave school putting a new twist on anything interior, that's a very good thing. i'll keep popping back for more looks...

Lisa Renee said...

Putting a twist on anything interior is DEFINITELY the game plan